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Permanent Hair Removal for Women, Men, and Teens


Electrolysis--Permanent Hair Removal                   

is the only permanent way to remove hair in unwanted places; upper lip, chin, and facial areas; arms and underarms (where it also encourgages oder); legs and thights; chests/breasts, abdomen and back. You can have clean, hair-free skin in all these areas as well as a more attractive hairline and neckline.

Removal of unwanted hair will allow you to wear all the skimpiest fashions you may have avoided in the past--short skirts, play clothes, and those revealing bathing suits. Your embarrassment about unwanted hair will be a thing of the past. You'll wonder why you ever let excess hair detract from your looks and self-confidence--and why you ever waited so long to have treatments that would remove unwanted hair forever. After your series of treatments is complete, you'll be more attractive because you'll feel more attractive.

Electrolysis is the only method that permanently removes unwanted hair.

Frequently Asked Questions                

Please read the following frequently asked questions and answers. If you have further questions that you would like answered, we will be happy to talk to you. Or, if you would like a consultation, please contact us as we have day, evening, and Saturday appointments available.

Q. What is Electrolysis?
A. The permantent removal of unwanted hair by electric current, so small as to be no more than that used in a hearing aid.

Q. What is an electrologist?
A. An electrologist is a professional, licensed by the State, who specialized in the permanent removal of unwanted hair. The State sets strict standards for the practice of electrology.

Q. Is electroloysis something new?
A. Definitely now. Since 1867, medical journals have recorded successful electrolysis treatments. It has proved its effectiveness over many years.

Q. How does electrolysis remove hair?
A. A complete description is lengthy and highly technical, but basically the electrologist directs a tiny, split-second impulse into the hair root, causing destruction of the lower follicle.

Q. From what areas can electrolysis be used to remove hair?
A. Every part of the body except inside the nose and inside the ears.

Q. Is Electrolysis really permanent?
A. Yes. Foremost medical authorities agree that electrolysis is the only positive and permanent way to remove hair. By all means, ask your doctor about it.

Q. Can a man have electrolysis done?
A. Yes. Men have problem hair growth areas also. Most common are nose, ears, neck, chest, and back. Men frequently suffer from ingrown hairs in bearded areas from shaving. Electrolysis will provide relief from this problem.

Q. What causes the growth of extra hair?
A. Usually it can be traced to heredity or a glandular disturbance. Some types of illnesses, opoerations, and medication may also be factors. But most hair that women want removed is not abnormal growth.

Q. Can't I just use depilatories to get rid of hair?
A. Yes, but this is only a temporary method. As with razors and tweezers, hair grows back within a few days. So you're not helping yourself a bit. Depilatories also have an unpleasant odor, take time to use, and are a continous expense. Tweezing can do more damage than good, as it distorts the hair follicle, making the hair courser and usually more difficult to treat.

Q. What if hair seems to return while I am being treated?
A. Your own previous attempts to remove hair will be one reason for this, as hair usually takes one to fourteen weeks to regrow. In other words, some growth will be hair that has not yet appearted when you started treatment. But electrolysis will remove it. Permanently.

Q. What can I do about heavy growth of hair between treatments?
A. You can safely cut hairs in or near the area being treated. But leave enough hair for us to treat and remove. Do not tweeze, use dipilatories, bleach or shave.

Q. What about healing?
A. Healing after electrolysis is generally rapid. You may have a temporary redness, but it will quickly disappear after treatment.

Q. Is electrolysis expensive?
A. As compared with many other beauty treatments, the cost is moderate. It's a small price to pay for a lifetime of freedom from unsightly, unwanted hair. Don't you think you owe it to yourself to look into electrolysis now?

Next Steps                    

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